Naturkonstellationer. Talking Tree
Web of Life - Ceremonial Nature Constellations
with Zara Waldebäck & Caroline Wingolf

Online and in-person courses and circles working with Nature Constellations from an animistic and ceremonial perspective. This method grows out of systemic family constellation, which explores how parts of a whole affect each other within a conscious "knowing field". Just like shamanic and animistic work, it reveals the invisible web of how things are interrelated. In ceremony, this "field" can be seen as the sacred space that opens and allows healing power to move. The spiritual roots of constellation work are connected to indigenous ceremony and there is much to learn when we approach constellation work in a sacred manner.

Family constellations often focus on personal issues. In some ways they can be seen as family-wide soul retrievals, reaching back through generations and working with ancestors to heal old patterns.

In Nature Constellations we widen the field to include animals, plants, elements, and Spirits. The whole world is welcomed as part of the system we belong to, and it helps us to learn to listen to many voices. By acknowledging that human beings are a part of Life on Earth and not separate or outside of it, we can rebuild better relationships. We can remember our place, connect to where we come from and feel more clearly where we are now.

As we invite the more-than-human into the work, we gain a clearer view of different perspectives and the bigger picture. As well as forging bonds between humans and the living world, this work can also help to solve conflicts between human interests and natural ecosystems and bring inspiration for complex systemic environmental challenges. It touches on individual situations, larger community questions and global topics. By seeing what is unwell in the system at large, we can learn how to better use our time and energy to make a difference.

During this time of human history, we need to re-learn what it means to listen to Voices beyond our own. We can experience directly how it is to be related and expand our concept of family. When we live in Harmony, what we do for ourselves, we also do for the whole. Untangling blocked energy helps to ensure that Life can flow through the web as its vibrant natural self.

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This foundation workshop explores Nature Constellations from an animistic and ceremonial perspective and introduces ways to work with it in both personal and communal ways.

Many of us feel a longing to connect more deeply and reach into Life, towards a sense of home, belonging and aliveness. As we root into ourselves, we can reach into and connect with our birthplaces and local spaces, our personal and spiritual ecosystems, and with the root systems of the world. By exploring and building relationships both to human ancestors and more-than-human ancestors, we can open to systems that we are part of now, that we may have come from, and connecting to ancient ones further back. We look at what root systems teach us and how they invite us to engage with a wider sense of being in the World.

Exploring Nature Constellations from an animistic and ceremonial perspective, we focus on a variety of themes, issues and environmental questions. This monthly circle applies the work hands-on to specific situations to help us learn more about more than human perspectives and ways to find surprising solutions.

Working as a group, each person sets up a personal constellation to help bring Healing to their Ancestral lines. Our intention is to focus on untangling blockages and receiving ancestral gifts to help us live more in free flow with our natural resources. We can learn directly from the constellations what they show us about Ancestor relations.