Talking Tree Caroline Wingolf
Caroline Wingolf is the founder of Talking Tree. Caroline was born and raised in New York. She moved to Sweden in 1983 and has lived in Gothenburg ever since.

Caroline has a multifaceted background. At Cornell University, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Culture and Communication. She then trained as a film editor at the Department of Film & Photography at Gothenburg University. She later worked for Swedish Television for many years.

In 2000, she held an appreciated workshop series entitled Courage to Grow. It was the start of a new career in the field of personal development facilitation.

Caroline explored several methods and is a certified Stress Reduction Coach. She also completed training as an Interpersonal Communication Coach. She has facilitated self-help groups and other discussion circles throughout the years.

She learned Family and System Constellation facilitation from the German psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Albrecht Mahr during 2003-2005.

She has been working with Family Constellations since 2005.
Caroline Wingolf