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Nature Constellations
I have had the privilege of leading Family Constellations since 2005. What inspires and drives me in this work is the realization that, like it or not, our family of origin - our parents and ancestors - constitute our foundation. They are the base and take off point from which we form our own lives.

In Family Constellations we work to unravel tangled relationships, in order to gain unrestricted access to our roots and the power they can provide us with; nourishment for the road. As part of the process, we give thanks to Life, honoring it by doing our best to accomplish ourselves in our own. I am convinced that our individual inner work benefits us all.

We have come now to a point in our shared history when many of us feel impelled to expand our vision to include the natural world. Undoubtedly, we are all entangled in a largely dysfunctional relationship with Nature. Our society regards Mother Earth as a commodity we think we can plunder, instead of a Living Being from whom we receive gifts and who deserves our gratitude. As in family systems, I believe that when each of us reconnect with Earth, it benefits the whole. The Whole includes all our relationships on earth; the human and the more-than-human ones.

Nature Constellations are a relatively unexplored area in Systemic Constellation work. There are few maps or compasses. I am continuing to find my way through this new landscape and am always learning more.

There are several ways of working with Nature Constellations. For example, we can do work concerning nature - where the role and voice of nature is included in contexts where humans influence nature (planned building sites, deforestation, and so on).

We can work in nature - by setting up constellations outdoors and inviting aspects of nature to make themselves known as "representatives" in the constellation.

We can also work for nature - by exploring nature´s essence, power and needs, as well as exploring roles and opportunities for humans to reciprocate and give back to nature.

Using Nature Constellations, we can focus on personal issues and invite Nature as a voice or resource. Or on major, global questions such as the climate crisis or in order to protect a natural habitat.

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