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Individual consultation
Most often, a constellation is done in a group setting with other people who can step in as representatives for the client's family members, colleagues, symptoms or other attributes. But a constellation can also be set up with only the client and facilitator present.

After discussing the client's dilemma, the facilitator suggests which people or phenomena should be represented in the constellation. With the help of "anchors", both the client and the facilitator can take turns immersing themselves in the communication field that arises.

The task of the facilitator is to guide the client closer to an insight into how the issue has manifested itself in the system in order to take new steps in life.

An individual consultation takes about 2 hours.

This type of constellation can even be done on-line, using Skype or Zoom.

Due to the pandemic, this has been a necessary option and I've had ample opportunity to work on-line in this way. I have found that Skype or Zoom constellations can be held very successfully, either on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. I plan to continue using this tool as an option even when the pandemic is over.

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I think this work is magnificent. I want to thank Caroline with all my heart - Christina