Family Constellations - How it works. Talking Tree
How it works
During a constellation, the facilitator and participants sit in a circle. The client describes their most pressing issue for the facilitator. Based on this conversation, the facilitator asks the client to choose representatives from the participants in the circle. These may be asked to represent family members, partners, colleagues, symptoms or other aspects of the client's life. The client then chooses a representative for themselves. The representatives are placed intuitively within the circle.
Together with the remaining participants, they form a web or "field" which reveals the inner structure of the system it is representing. The representatives report on bodily sensations, thoughts, feelings or insights.
The task of the facilitator is to guide the client towards to clearer insight into how the issue has manifested itself in the system. The increased existential understanding of underlying dynamics paves the way for reconciliation in the system.

Together in this circle we form an instrument that can play all of Life's melodies - Lennart